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3. Miss Rachel DAVEY16 was born on 10 Aug 1845 in Borough, (London), Mint Street.2,10,17,18,19 [[[[Birth note: 1881 census aged 35; born Walworth, Surrey][1891, aged 45, b Walworth]
[1901 (RG13/388 f p 20): aged 55 born Walworth, spelt as Rachael Philp ( Phillp in transcript)][1871 census aged 25, born Surrey Walworth][1851 aged 6 b Newington]]]]](Note: according to Edward Philp she was born in Borough. Census has Walworth) Until 21 Aug 1907 she was a "proprietor" of a China and Glass business, and Money lending business. in Bermondsey, 210 Long Lane, Bermondsey, London.20 [Occupation note: She sold Business on 22 Aug 1907 to her son Albert Edward Philp
for £150. RC ref OP2]. She died on 19 Jun 1932. [[General note: She was good at looking after money. She told Edward that she had tought her husband to read and write. It is said that she also persuaded her husband to give up strong drink (and he became a teetotaller). He belonged to a TT organisation called 'Sons of the Phoenix'. - Edward (and Helen Philp) as Sources]
[Hello My name is Merrilyn Davey. I am currently researching my husbands family history and was very interested to come across your very interesting site. I was particularly interested in the entry under Davey. My husbands Grandfather Joseph Henry Davey was born in Southwark England. His father was Henry Davey. Mother unknown as she died when he was young and he was bought up by his Aunt Rachel. According to his story his Aunt Rachel was a Money Lender and his father was a Brush Manufacturer.]]

Miss Rachel DAVEY and Mr Richard Hooper Ross PHILP were married on 9 Dec 1867 in Walworth.21 [[[Marriage note: MPD1 is a copy of a Parish Register
RC ref MPD1. Cert page 151, entry 102, dated 09 Dec 1867, signed by Henry A Dixon.
(who Married them, after Banns)
St Peter's Church, Walworth, Parish of St Mary, Newington, in the County of Surrey.
RHRP: aged 20, a Brush Maker, living at 16, Amelia Street.
Father: Richard Hooper Ross PHILP, deceased, a Mariner.
RD: aged 22, living at 16, Amelia Street.
Father: Joseph DAVEY, a Groom.
Witnesses: Thomas John Philp ( ): Elizabeth Philp ( ).][Although listed as living at the same address, they were probably not. Often people left a suitcase at their intendeds address to appear as if living there, to avoid paying Marrige Bann fees in the other parish!][1911 as married 44 years and having 6 living children and 5 deceased]]] Mr Richard Hooper Ross PHILP (son of Mr Richard Hooper Ross PHILP and Miss Caroline BOOTH) was born on 26 Sep 1847 in Deptford.22,23,24,25,26 [[[[[[[[Birth note: CP2 is a copy of an extraction from a Register-Book.
RC ref CP2. Cert page 43 No 344, dated 29 Mar 1854, signed by R Marshall Martin??, Incumbent.
New Parish of Christchurch Bermondsey in the County of Surrey.
Parents: Richard Hooper Ross, a Mariner, and Caroline Philp, living at 10 Parkers Buildings. Ceremony performed by R Marshall Martin??
Also note: born 26 Sep 1847.]
[1851 census aged 3 born Deptford (recorded as Robert HR)]
[1871 census as RHL P aged 23, born Kent Deptford][1881 census: aged 36 ( should be aged 33) b Deptford: ][1891 aged 43, b London Deptford]
[1891 census aged 43 b Deptford LONDON as Richard NB Philp. (Looks like HR)]
[1901RG13/388 f p 20: aged 53 born Kent Deptford (Phillp in transcript)][1911 aged 63 b Deptford with several family members]]]]]]]] He was baptized on 10 Feb 1850 in Bermondsey, (Surrey), New Parish of Christ-Church, Bermondsey.27 [Baptism note: CP2 is a copy of an extraction from a Register-Book
RC ref CP2. Cert page 43 no 344. dated 29 Mar 1854,
signed by R? Marshall? Martin (Incumbent).
Original entry signed also by RMM? (query 1854 as at top of copy, or 1850 in 1st column.) (Probably 1850.)
New Parish of Christ-Church, Bermondsey, in the County of Surrey.
Parents: Richard Hooper Ross and Caroline PHILP, living at 10 Parkers
Buildings. RHRP was a Mariner.
Birth given as 26 Sep 1847.] He lived in Deptford, 38 Grove Lane, St. Paul, Deptford about 1851.14 [Resided at note: as Robert HR with mother and siblings] He lived in Bermondsey, 6 Hargreave Sq., St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey about 1871. He lived 301 Weston Street, Southwark in Southwark about 1881.2 [Resided at note: 1881] He lived 301 Weston Street, Southwark in Southwark about 1891.10 [Resided at note: 1891 census] He lived 210, Long Lane, Bermondsey in Bermondsey about 1901.28 [Resided at note: 1901] He died on 6 Nov 1934 in Penge.29 [Death note: DP1 is a copy of a Certified Copy.
RC ref DP1. Cert IB 021382 entry 121, dated 10 Nov 1934, signed by EJ Noakes, Registrar, after Certificate received from JW Bennet, Coroner for Penge. Inquest held 9 Nov 1934.
75, High Street, Penge UD, S-d Beckenham, RD Bromley, in the County of Kent.
Aged 87, retired Brush Maker.
True copy signed by EJ Noakes, 13 Nov 1934](GRO Dec q 1934 87 Bromley 2a 712) 'Whole working life' he was a Brush Maker / [Finisher 1901] in Bermondsey, 210, Long Lane, Bermondsey, (London), In yard at rear.30 [[Occupation note: given as Brush Maker on Marriage Certificate, when aged 20; and on 1881 census, at 301 Weston Street; and also as Brush Maker retired on Death Certificate. Edward A Philp said that at some time he was a Brush Maker at 210, Long Lane Bermondsey (London) in yard at rear][ 1891 Brush Finisher]] He lived. [[[[General note: He was taught to read and write by his wife (Rachel nee DAVEY).
He became a teetotaller and joined organisation called "Sons of the Phoenix".
He liked drinking cold tea without milk or sugar. (source?)]
[On 1881 census, named as Richard HN Philp. (?old or new error?)
General note: 1881 census has father in law Joseph Davey (Horse keeper)
at 301 Weston Street. (It is mispelt as Lacey!) Also Thomas (Lacey), Cab Driver as a visitor].
[On 1891 cesus looks like Richard H 8 Philp]
[On 1901 census transcript as Phillp. Page has Philp]]]] Miss Rachel DAVEY and Mr Richard Hooper Ross PHILP had the following children:



Miss Emily Adelaide DAVEY (PHILP).



Mr Richard Hooper Ross PHILP.



Miss Caroline Eliza PHILP was born about 1870 in Bermondsey, Surrey.10,31,32 [[[[Birth note: 1881 census aged 10, b Bermondsey][1891Caroline E? but not as E in AEP, aged 21, b Bermondsey][1871 aged 11 m b Bermondsey][Jan 08: FBMD Jun q 1870, Caroline Eliza, St Olave 1d 195]]]] About 1891 she was a Domestic Servant.10 [Occupation note: 1891]



Miss Rosa Flora PHILP was born about 1872 in Bermondsey, Surrey.10,31,32 [[[Birth note: 1881 census aged 8, b Bermondsey][1891 Rosa F?, aged 18, b Bermondsey][Jan 08: Rosa Flora Jun q 1872, St Olave 1d 209]]] About 1891 she was a Laundress.10 [Occupation note: 1891: 'wash' has been added later after Laundress]



Miss Rachel Susanna PHILP was born about 1874 in St Georges, Surrey.2,32,33 [[[Birth note: 1881 census aged 6, b St Georges Surey][1891, Rachel S, aged 16, b Southwark][Jan 08: Rachel Susanna, Mar q 1875, St Saviour 1d 38]]] She died before Oct 1893 in St Saviour R-d.34 [Death note: FBMD Rachel Susanna aged 18 Sep q 1893. Age OK as is RSP]



Mr Albert Edward PHILP.



Mr Frederick Sidney PHILP.